Jampp lets you retarget users with personalized ads in real time. 

Pull information from your product feed such as product images, prices, names, or IDs, and automatically feature that content in your ads. 

Dynamic Products Ads

Automatically promote relevant ads based on user behavior

Product in your App

Product Feed

1. We automate ad creation using your product feed.

Whether your customers buy tickets, book hotel rooms, listen to music, book car rides, or anything in between, we can help you find users who have demonstrated intention to buy and help you increase conversions.

2. Based on users' behavior in your app, we will show them a relevant ad on their mobile device.

How it works

3. If the ad is clicked, the user will return directly to the relevant page in the app.

Your Ad in an App

New Ad on App

4. When a purchase is made, the ads are automatically turned off and complementary products can be shown to that user.

"It's practically impossible for our creative team to create ads for every SKU and landing page that we have in our app. With Dynamic Product Ads at Jampp, we don't have to worry about stretching their resources too thin."

--- Natália Dias, Mobile Product Manager at Netshoes.