Predictive Segments

Automatically segment your users based on their likelihood to convert, and customize the message, targeting, and bids for better performance.

Strategically engage the users who are more likely to convert.

Pairing a granular segmentation strategy with optimized bids allows us to boost conversions and better allocate your spend. Advertisers using Predictive Segments have reduced CPAs by over 30%.

We predict which users are likely to convert, automatically. Once you define your app’s key conversion, we analyze hundreds of variables from your non-converted users, and segment them based on their likelihood to convert.

Drive more conversions

Automatic predictions & segmentation

Key benefits

While we spend less efforts on those less likely to convert, we accelerate conversions from the best users. Ultimately, this drives more purchases, bookings, registrations, or specific conversions in your app.

Our real-time bidding technology uses both behavioral and contextual data to customize each bid. This variable bidding strategy lets us focus resources on the right users, the ones who are going to convert.

Customized bidding strategy

Reduce the overall CPA

“It has historically been difficult to increase scale without compromising performance. With Jampp's Predictive Segments, we are simultaneously driving more purchases and reducing the overall cost per purchase.” 

-- Warrick Godfrey, Regional Director of Marketing,

1. We analyze your users' event data: We start with a global integration of your data to analyze your top users and decipher the probability of conversion for those who haven’t converted yet.

How it works

2. Test deep-links and tracking links in your app: For all engagement campaigns, we drive users back to the most relevant landing page in your app. So before we start, we ensure your deep links and tracking links are working accurately.

3.  Let the magic happen: Our technology takes care of creating Predictive Segments based on hundreds of variables such as in-app activity, demographic data, device information, and other user attributes. Your bids and overall spend is automatically optimized to drive conversions and reduce your CPA.